Hi There! 

I'm Joel and I'm a Minneapolis-based writer and editor. I'm currently the Content Editor at MentorMate, an offshore custom software development company in Minneapolis, MN. I'm responsible for content strategy and working with our global content team to implement that strategy. MentorMate's offshore teams, including the other members of the content team, are located in Bulgaria. 

Prior to diving into the world of tech, I was a Copywriter at Quality Bicycle Products in Bloomington, MN. I lead copy and content creation across several of QBP's global and national brands like Surly Bikes, Civia Cycles, KETL Mountain Apparel, and 45NRTH to name a few. As an avid cyclist, general outdoor dirtbag, and all-around bike nerd, it wasn't a bad gig. Plus, switching from Surly's abrasive, irreverent voice to Civia's fun-loving, ride-your-bike-to-the-farmer's-market tone definitely kept me on my toes.

So, what exactly is it that I do? Glad you asked.

  • Product copy complete with SEO titles and descriptions
  • Campaign content strategy and execution
  • Long-form blog posts and eBooks
  • Project case studies
  • Social media content and strategy
  • Thoroughly researched editorial articles
  • Product naming (and color naming)
  • Technical writing
  • Scriptwriting

When I'm not writing, I'm riding my bike, hatching plans to escape to the outdoors with my wife, or petting our two cats. Okay, sometimes I pet the cats while I'm writing. That's just good multi-tasking.

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